About Adventure UAV

Tired of outrageous quotes for drone work? We think UAV services should be affordable so they can be opened up to more markets.

We have experience in:

- Aerial imaging inspections (hail damage, gutters, cell towers, etc.)
-Real estate, construction, and event photography
-Photogrammetry mapping
-Virtual reality/360 panoramas
-Gigapixel image stitching
-3D modeling

In-house photo and video editing services are available if needed. We also offer web hosting for any VR panos, 3D models, and gigapixel images we provide.

Ten years of RC flying experience allows us to get steady, smooth shots (no fast, jerky pans and nauseating video), fly jobs in non-ideal weather conditions, and maintain a greater margin of control and safety. An equal number of years of photography experience yields truly professional grade images with proper attention to detail, correct colors, and level horizon lines. We are FAA Part 107 licensed and liability insured. We hold airspace authorizations allowing for operations near DIA, Colorado Springs, Rocky Mountain Regional, Centennial, Fort Collins/Loveland, and Buckley AFB.

We love to get out into the mountains! Making a video of your backcountry ski/board lines and want those heli style shots without paying a fortune for a helicopter? We'll hike out there with you. Have a remote cabin or yurt for rent and want some aerial photos for better perspective in your listing advertisements? We're there. Need professional looking aerial shots to promote your outdoor events, group climbs, backpacking trips, etc.? We'll go with you.

Please check us out at - www.adventureuav.com


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