About Silver Eye Drones

Matt Berliner is the primary pilot for Silver Eye Drones LLC and is based in Seattle, WA. He frequently travels throughout the Pacific Northwest and Internationally for work. He has been trained by Sky Source Aerial in Florida to do detailed cell phone tower inspections for major cell carriers using DJI drones, the Matterport camera, and the Nikon P900 camera.

He is an experienced photographer and has a passion for high quality workmanship and gorgeous photographs and videos. With a bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies from Oberlin College, he is familiar with a variety of environmental energy systems and enjoys learning about new systems as they develop.

Matt is also an adventurous outdoorsman and can often be found hiking, cycling, or kitesurfing in his free time.


Keechelus Lake Snowkiting

Flying South Puget Sound

Lake Oswego Community Rowing Sample Footage