I am a US Navy veteran with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and T&D experience in SoCal Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric scope-of-work areas.

As a youngster it was my dream to fly in the military. In high school I took flying lessons pursuing a Private Pilot's License (PPL).

Graduating from SDSU with a degree in Aerospace Engineering, I entered the Navy. Unable to pursue my dreams of flying due to eyesight requirements, I specialized in Information Systems Security, earning certification as an Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) and conducted Computer Network Vulnerability Assessments (CNVAs) aboard carrier battle groups and amphibious ready groups, ultimately leading to a civilian career in IT.

Pursuing opportunities in commercial photography, I eventually worked my way into marketing photography for Google, becoming a Google Certified BusinessView photographer.

As a photographer I've shot for Ironman, served as staff photographer for www.FighterPilotPodcast.com and my work has been featured on several magazine covers.

More recently, I have moved into the drone industry and excelled. I finished at the top of my class in an sUAS Inspection Survey and Mapping certification program. Upon graduation I was immediately hired by Birds Eye Aerial Drones (BEAD) where I gained experience working on electrical infrastructure for SDGE and SoCal Edison inspecting Transmission & Distribution lines (T&D) in support of their respective wildfire threat mitigation programs.

As a T&D sUAS RPIC I am FAA 107 certified. Duties include: Pre-flight checks of drone and equipment; access client-supplied GIS maps (Collector / Google Earth); file for LAANC / COA / airspace authorization; communicate as required with tower/ATC; monitor weather forecasts using online resources; assess client needs and create flight plans; gather data as specified by the client using a variety of sUAS platforms; correct client’s GIS database vis-a-vis asset location (Survey123); QC, collate and upload data in required formats using client-directed information systems; and keep updated on industry news and current state-of-the-art as it pertains to unmanned aerial vehicles.

Accumulating over 130 hours of flight time documenting over 1,100 T&D structures in the SDGE and SCE scopes-of-work, I have established a record of safe and efficient sUAS operation. With the unique combination of a formal engineering education, wide-ranging IT experience, stunning ability to get the optimum results from photography and drone equipment, demonstrated ability to quickly pick up new concepts and changing technologies in a fast-paced dynamic industry, I consistently deliver top-notch results that go above and beyond clients' expectations.
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