Residential and commercial real estate and business marketing packages include options for high resolution (up to 20MP) photos, 360° interactive aerial panoramas, and high definition (up to 4K) videos ranging from trimmed clips to full production videos with your branding, captions, contact information and music.

Products from special projects and aerial inspections will be tailored to the customer’s needs. Projects might include special events such as races, shows, weddings, reunions, or perhaps photos and video of your property, car, boat, or off-road vehicle in action. Inspections provide rapid, safe, cost-effective evaluation of roofs, towers, line-of-sight for wireless equipment, or other needs. Two- and three-dimensional aerial mapping (photogrammetry) are also available.

Products can be delivered by download, flash drives, or SD cards depending on your location, preference, and urgency. Photo shoot and product delivery times can vary by weather, airspace authorizations (if required), and the complexity of the project, but generally standard packages can be completed and delivered within one to five days. For many shoots, the customer does not need to be present.

Pricing varies with the deliverables selected, driving distances, and complexity of the project. Standard packages, such as real estate or similar shoots, are priced by the package and you know what to expect. Special projects will be quoted depending on customer’s needs, photo and video editing requirements, and any unusual risk factors, such as flights over water. Special projects and aerial inspections will be billed by the hour, half day, or full day(s). The customer will be provided time and total cost estimates prior to purchase.

Bad Dog Aerial Imagery primarily serves Pima, Cochise, and Santa Cruz Counties in southeastern Arizona.

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