About Raptor Aerial Services

Primary Services:
-Aerial Photos/Videos - Drone photos of Residential Real Estate and Vacation Cabins in TX and CO.
-Aerial Surveys - Ranches, Farms and Parks from 10 acres to over 400 acres throughout Texas and in Arkansas.
-Surface Mining Stockpile Volumes - Create stockpile volume report on a quarterly basis for 3 mining sites for Select Sands American Corporation in Arkansas.
-GIS/Large Format Hardcopy

Specialty Services:
-Infrastructure Inspection - In process.
-Precision Agriculture - In process.

Drones In Service: DJI Phantom 4 Pro, DJI Inspire 2 and DJI Matrice 210.
Cameras/Sensors In Service: DJI Zenmuse X4S, X5S, Z30, XTR (on order) and Sentera Double 4K/NDVI (order in process).
Surveying Equipment In Service: EOS Arrow Gold GNSS


The Cabins at Country Road

The Cabins at Country Road in Evergreen, CO