About Immersive Media Productions

After graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a finance and accounting degree in 2015, Andrew realized the market opportunity around commercial drones and took flight in the entertainment industry flying drones for large music festivals. Currently deploying a variety of camera systems including FLIR thermal cameras to cover industry demand across construction / oil and natural gas / asset inspection and search and rescue. Andrew finds special interest in 3D orthomosaic analytics and 360 VR content capture systems. Currently working alongside research teams to refine algorithms from aerial imagery to build the future of autonomous drone flight.

Fun facts:
-Skilled operator of DJI and FreeflySytems aerial rigs.
-First drone pilot to commercially fly at the Grand Coulee Dam.
-Captured aerial imagery of climbing ascent of Mount Everest.


Real Estate Promo

Burning Man : Tree of Ténéré

Out West

2019 Highlight Reel