About AEC Media Solutions

Nelson Salazar a partners at AEC Media Solutions a d/b/a of Moccai Films,LLC. Providing Professional Photographers, Videographers, Video Editors & FAA Licensed Commercial Drone Pilots with over ten years of experience.

As Photographers & Drone operators, We have helped clients with modest size project to large multi-million dollars developments. All our work is guaranteed to meet your highest expectation — 24-72hr turn around time. Please visit the links below to see our portfolio.

Our Services:

• Interior and Exterior Real Estate Photography

• Drone Aerial Real Estate Photography

• Drone Aerial Construction Documentation

• 3D Modeling, Mapping & Surveying

• 3D Matterport Interactive Tours, Floor Plans, & Point Cloud Package

We hope this gives you a rough idea of our ability as South Florida Premier Photography Service Provider. Please feel free to contact us anytime on 305 539-9092 or [email protected]

Please visit us at www.aecmediasolutions.com. You can learn more about our services and also read our reviews to see what our previous clients think about our Services and AEC Team Members.

Video: https://vimeo.com/308563418

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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Matterport Industries

Aerial & Thermal Inspections

Matterport Service Provider

Aerial Construction Progression

3D Mapping & Aerial Surverying

Matterport Google Street View

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate


Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate

Matterport Real Estate

Residential Real Estate

Matterport Construction Apartment Completed

Matterport Real Estate Apartment

Matterport Yacht

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