About Paradigm Drone Services

I love all things aviation! This, coupled with an eye for detail makes commercial drone work perfect for me professionally and personally, very happy doing what I do! Just look at my portfolio...

Now, my business primarily focuses on residential and commercial real estate, and specializes in affordable, quality HD photography for your marketing purposes. I am the pilot, marketer, and book-keeper, and enjoy wearing many hats, as it keeps things interesting, and more importantly for my clients, IT KEEPS EXPENSES LOW. I'm in the process of branching out working with other type of clients, such as paving, roofing and commercial construction companies.

PRICING (in more detail):
80.00/per photo shoot guaranteed at least 3 great shots, unlimited pics.
60.00/per photo shoot recurring progress report, unlimited pics.
40.00/per photo shoot if site obstructed by trees or other.