I began experimenting with sUAS four years ago and quickly dove into the hobby then progressing to Commercial licenced pilot. I have been involved in several city sanctioned events including the local Mayor's Marathon and participating in the local leg of the international Ironman Triathlon competition. I'm currently working in conjunction with a real estate aerial survey company as a contractor for their clients. Vantage Point Video has a staff of three at this time to accommodate the requirements of the FAA to successfully cover the duties of Pilot in Command, sUAS operator and visual observer as needed.
My "fleet" includes all DJI equipment:
2 Mavic Air
1 Mavic Pro
1 Mavic 2 Zoom
2 Air 2
1 Mini 2
Each serve a unique perspective and can provide the various needs of the client and their goals.
We also have post production video editing when requested.
sUAS liability insurance is in place.




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Toast W.
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Great footage! Steady, awesome shots! Pilot was very professional and good to work with. Would hire again!

Nov. 5, 2021
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