About 4 Elements Photography

I provide Real Estate Agents, Commercial Builders, Designers, and Architects with photographs and videos to promote their projects, businesses, and homes. I have worked with Keller Williams Realty, Hedlung-Sova Realty, The Mansour Group, The National Eating Disorder Association, and other private customers.

I have 2 years of experience flying and operating drones. In addition, I have my Part 107 License which is required by law to operate a drone for any commercial use. In September 2017, I became a safety pilot of Michigan State University’s Drone Club. As a member of the club, I have the responsibility of flying the drone in case our drone stops flying autonomously, and I’ve worked on designing our drone for a national drone competition in Maryland.


Aerial Video Preview

Camaro ZL1

Summer Watersports

Williams Subaru