Retired Milwaukee Police Officer of 25 years, Part 107 Certified Small Unmanned Aircraft System Pilot and 10 years experience as a roofing contractor for residential and commercial properties.  I perform aerial inspections for residential and commercial properties.  Currently work with Licensed Insurance Adjusters, performing inspections on residential and commercial properties for insurance companies.  

The skills I gained in my 25 years as a police officer I use in the execution of my duties as a Drone Pilot.  I have a very calm demeanor and that allows me to fly missions in a calm manner and not panic if a situations arise that calls for troubleshooting.  I’ve taken professional courses on the operation of my hardware & I have a safe flying history for all missions I have flown.  My workflow entails pre-flight & post-flight checks and a test flight is also performed.

Safety is also a priority and I only operate under the safest circumstances.
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