I am a Part 107 Remote Pilot, which allows me to operate sUAS (drones) commercially within the National Airspace System. I have 4 years of remote control experience. Using this experience and talent I would like to provide YOU with a different perspective of YOUR world via aerial photography and/or videography up to 4K High Definition utilizing a DJI Phantom 4 Pro for the following activities:

Real Estate Photography - Let's face it, high-end real estate calls for high-end photography and videography. Whether your listing is a new commercial space or luxury residential real estate, let me help you stand out. I will work with you to craft the perfect piece, accentuating the best features and truly bringing your property to life.

Property Tours - Whether you are a golf course or hunting club, I can help potential clients see your property like never before. A short aerial video with your branding could be just what you need to bring your marketing a new edge.

Commercial Stills - Until recently, when construction companies needed aerial stills for their various projects, they had to pony up to pay for a small aircraft to fly over each build site and take pictures. My drones cost less to run than traditional aircraft, they are safer and best of all the picture quality can't be beat.

Event/Weddings - Weddings only happen once; there are no reshoots. But unlike a ground-based photographer, drones provide a whole new way to document your nuptials. It elevates your normal, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to a memory that will never, ever be forgotten!
Without question, safety is my number-one priority. I believe in being an ambassador of this emerging capability, and understand that its misuse could endanger public safety.

Before every flight, I conduct a 20+ point pre-flight inspection of my aerial vehicles and inspect the entire flight area to check for any hazards such as trees, wires or obstructions. I require property owners’ permission for all flights, never fly over people or out of our direct line of sight, and brief a safety plan to all bystanders in case of an equipment failure. For indoor flights, only I and my safety briefed crew members (if utilized) are allowed in the space being filmed. I reserve the right to refuse a mission based on safety concerns.

COMMUNICATION: I can meet with you in person to discuss your aerial photography and/or videography needs/requirements and pricing.

PLANNING: I will personally handle all of the planning and careful mapping out of your custom project from start to finish.

IMPLEMENTATION: I take great measures to professionally facilitate the entire aerial photography process using our drone aircraft.

IMAGE EDITING: I do my own photo & 4K video editing in-house to keep cost down and to maintain high quality standards.

DELIVERY: I can deliver the finished images via Dropbox, FTP, Email, DVD, thumb drive… Let me know which output format you need.

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