TMS Aerial Solutions is built upon years of experience in the satellite imagery and aerial photography industries and as a natural extension of that exposure, UAV technology became the obvious next step in airborne information platforms. Staring at satellite images and aerial photos for nigh on 10 years left Matt, our owner, with an appreciation for the unique top-down view of the world and opened his creative side to how beautiful the world is from above. So a move to the east coast later, he bought a drone and starting taking in the world from a vantage point few get to experience. Mapping is always his first love, and the rapid deployment and creation of data has him very excited to bring this level of precision to the masses. But photography and mapping go hand in hand and the past few years have seen an explosion in high art created using aerial platforms and we've been passionate about bringing that to our clients. And he wants to share that passion to your project, so get in touch!
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