About Eric Tate

I'm an FAA certified part 107 remote pilot and have been in the drone industry for over 2 years. I have both a bachelors and masters degree from Towson University in Maryland, and am currently an environmental engineer for the federal government. My area of expertise is in mapping and modeling, and creating high quality marketing visuals for my clients. I am an environmental engineer and GIS specialist by trade, and have taken several photography courses over the past few years. I provide valuable, cost-effective solutions for my clients, using outside the box innovation and a high level of knowledge in the industry. I use panoramic, exposure bracketing, image averaging, and stacking techniques to provide the highest resolution photos possible for large prints and web display. My competitive advantage is in the quality that I can provide. Quality, consistency, and creativity are of the utmost importance, and we strive for this to achieve 100% customer satisfaction on every project. As a member of The DroneU, I keep abreast of the latest technology and drone industry trends, as well as having knowledge of the best techniques to provide the best visuals and data possible, which separates great pilots from average ones.


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