About Tobin Meyer

I am one of the most experienced commercial UAV pilots in the North Puget Sound region currently serving as the chief UAV/drone pilot for a professional organization overseeing seven FAA certified pilots and five FAA certified aircraft running missions ranging from aerial imagery and inspections to search and rescue operations. I am trained, experienced with and certified to fly the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, DJI Inspire 1v2, and the Matrice 210v2 and have additional thermography training and experience.

I began my UAV/drone career building small custom UAV's in 2012 and have logged hundreds of flight hours since that time. I love to fly and I believe that joy of flying shines through the final work product I deliver to my clients.

I am a professional through and through. I arrive in a clean and well kept vehicle, I wear a professionally marked vest and hat, my equipment is meticulously maintained, and I am always on time and complete my work as efficiently as possible. Being a professional I may charge a little more than a new pilot but there is no guesswork for you in the quality of the final product.


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