Aerial photographs and video’s make an extremely effective marketing tool for your real estate, destination property, park or event. They clearly communicate property boundaries, the location of your site within the community. Providing a clear view of the proximity of local parks, highways, restaurants, shops and entertainment.

An aerial view is sometimes the only way to capture your entire building and property in a single photograph. Display your business with a aerial images on brochures and reports, on websites and at trade shows. A matted and framed enlargement makes an impressive touch in the lobby. Also, with our services you can display a high-quality video of your business from a new perspective. Clients like car dealerships, resorts, downtown development organizations, golf courses are a few prime examples.

Aerial photographs are a great way to commemorate outdoor special events, such as major sporting events, wedding receptions, fairs, marathons, and rallies.

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  Boating And Water Sports, Editing, Infrastructure, Real Estate

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  Real Estate, Other

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