I've been working in the videography field since I was 16. I started with a 4H club and grew it from there. I've worked in a studio environment, helping manage a team in interview newsroom style production. I've worked alongside reporters in the field, as well as my fair share of wedding videography. I've produced commercials and ads for businesses as well as many real estate projects.

What makes me different? Unlike most videographers with a film school background, I've had the obstacles of limited equipment and technology. It's much easier to get a professional result with a full studio set of equipment, much harder when you've got as limited resources as I've had. This meant for me to get the professional results I wanted, I had to get very creative and actually MASTER the equipment I was using to extract every ounce of quality I could from them.

What this means is now that I've got much better equipment my results are even better, and because I know how to work creatively with my equipment, I can handle some of the most challenging shots to get amazing results.

I'm excited to see what challenges I can solve for your next project, go ahead and give me a ring so we can talk about it!
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