I became licensed in September of 2021 to fly drones commercially. Professionally I am a Traffic Engineering Manager. My intent was to combine professional flying with my experience in engineering; and I have had the opportunity to use drones for my field of work as well. I was able to help clients identify problems on their sites in order to offer solutions. I was able to do surveying using drone deploy for topographic work that wasn't included in original survey. I was even able to efficiently monitor school traffic during peak hour in order to come up with solutions on how to handle pick up and drop off.

Drones have been a very efficient tool in my line of work, but also in other fields. I was able to help Clients with inspecting power lines too close to trees, find missing items in hard to reach areas, shoot 4K video for weddings, take photos of empty lots for sale, real estate aerial photos for marketing, and many more.

One of the reasons I took on to flying drones professionally is that I recognized the value in helping industries in major and unique ways. Drones are often looked at as 'toys' and 'just a hobby', however as I am gaining more experience in professional flying, they really are much more than that. I am happy to continue to offer Clients my services in aerial capture for years to come.

  Data Analysis

  • DJI Air 2S
  • DJI Mavic 3
  • 1" CMOS
  • 4:3 CMOS
  • 4K Video
This pilot has not informed any hardware yet.
  • DJI Go
  • DroneDeploy

Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
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