DBA: AAIRS Image licensed in California San Joaquin county and the city of Stockton

Nearly 200 hours "actual rotor-craft" flight experience not to mention no less than 2 years operating a variation of different remote aircraft. I can set up a drone for high speed video on request using an EMAX Hawk 5 for events requiring more than 44 mph and under 100 mph.

The drones I use are Autel Evo 2 pro, Ground based by my handheld Cannon rebel T6i

My working experience in industry's such as logistics and steel construction give me a bit more understanding on the needs of this technology in the real world every day, and loving the outdoors and capturing captivating views in un-restricted areas is what this is meant for. I also have experience managing and setting up projects of varying complexity.

Whatever the need I will do my best!
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Jessica M.
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This pilot was very thorough in capturing all angles of the property. The quality is top-notch and his professionalism as well. Definitely recommend.

Oct. 27, 2020
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