About Terre Haute Aerial Imaging

I decided to go commercial with my UAS because I simply love flying and want to do something I enjoy and that challenges me. It's easy to put a drone up and take a picture, I want to take the right pictures and videos for you. My start into commercial aerial work was doing real estate work for a friend and inspecting a roof that had some damage for another friend. Now I'm growing that into real estate and construction work in central Illinois and Indiana. Our images are color and lens corrected with Adobe Lightroom and video editing done through Final Cut Pro X with the possibility of adding some after effects as well. In order to maintain the smoothest video possible, we arrive on sight early and do flights to gather the angles we like best before adding them to an autopilot program that will make the final product smooth and professional. We can do video in 1080 or 4k and shoot images at 12mp.
I also have training for roof and exterior home inspection to provide aerial and ground-based photography for insurance companies.



Terre Haute Aerial Imaging