Built by an IT Professional, who has volunteered as an EMT, and worked full-time as a Paramedic, we know safety. Our owner has also spent time working for the government in Emergency Management and is NIMS Compliant for emergency operations. As a hobby, he owned, operated and called the play-by-play for hockey as it was streamed live to the world for the last 6 years to support local high schools, associations and families. After transitioning into as an IT Administrator, in agricultural businesses, he began to learn all about aviation. This is where drones entered, he began 3D Mapping and Modeling for the company that he worked for. With countless hours at the controls and several projects completed successfully, he knows drones and how to safely complete your project. Our owner is a certified Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilot in Command and he is also nearing the completion of his Private Pilot's Certificate as well. He doesn't just know and understand drones, he can also safely operate manned aircraft, and has learned the physics behind flight and has studied weather phenomenon, for added drone mission safety. As a hobby, he is a musician and he loves sharing that with the region as well.

Services we offer:
Video Inspections (Building, Roof, Tower, etc...)
Real Estate Photos & Videos
Event Photos & Videos
Wedding Videos (Working with wedding photographers & videographers)
Corporate Videos & Photos (Locations, Installations, etc...)
Music Videos
Night Flights
And many more, CALL today for information & a quote!

We will provide you with the footage and photos so that you can determine your course of action, we do not offer advice or expertise on any repairs needed.
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