About Connect Elevation LLC

Hello! We are a Disabled Veteran owned business providing a wide range of drone services to Wyoming. We are FAA certified, have an FAA wavier to fly at night, and maintain between $1,000,000 - $10,000,000 in liability insurance based upon the specific needs of the projects we fly.

I have a unique set of experiences, including extensive aviation experience as a FAA certified drone pilot and a former life as a free-fall parachutist for a military demonstration team. While in the Army I was certified as a Joint Fires Observer, which means I was trained to coordinate and de-conflict fires from artillery, close combat attack helicopters, naval surface artillery, and close air support. I obtained a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security and Geospatial Intelligence, with a special emphasis in remote sensing/earth observation from sUAS systems (drones).

What does this have to do with flying a drone? It means you can expect the highest levels of safety, integrity, and attention to detail for your project.

We employ the top-of-the-line DJI Inspire 2 drone which features a number of safety and redundancy features not found on lesser models. Our Inspire 2 has dual self-heating batteries that allows us to fly in temperatures below -5 degrees F, an important feature for Wyoming. Our Inspire 2 can fly in 25mph winds and maintain a high level of stability, which allows us to fly while other drones may be grounded. A max speed of 58mph and an industry leading 27 minute flight time translates to dynamic action shots.

Additional services we offer include:

Night flights – We have a 14 CFR 107.29 Daylight Operation Waiver from the FAA and can capture incredible night photography/videography.

Live streaming – We can stream live aerial footage from your Event directly to your Facebook Live, YouTube Channel, or any other TV/Projector/Display which accepts an HDMI input.

Indoor flights – Flying indoors is made possible by the Inspire 2’s forward and downward vision and collision avoidance systems.

Threat Analysis – We provide geospatially informed threat analysis to address the unique challenges that come along with living in a dangerous world. Feel free to contact us if this sounds like something your organization could benefit from.

We have multiple clients in the private and government sectors. From aerial photography/videography, mapping, large or small scale events, roof and infrastructure inspections, real estate promotion, and weddings, we are eager to earn your business and your trust.


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