About NewFields

The long-term stability of mine storage and disposal facilities is crucial to a successful mine. Mining companies are improving the design, construction, and operation of tailings dams that are being designed to higher standards. In many countries regulators are imposing more stringent regulations and requiring mandatory dam safety inspections by independent, qualified engineers. To provide a complete analysis of the facility, NewFields combines cutting edge remote sensing technology, with an experienced geotechnical engineering team, that have completed over 50 dam safety inspections and designed over 120 tailings storage facilities worldwide. With the combination of our integrated remote sensing platforms, along with traditional data reviews, gives our experienced geotechnical engineers an advantage over more traditional forms of data acquisition that rely only on fixed monitoring systems and ground visual inspections.

With a pre-programed flight plan, overlapping images are collected so that accurate orthomosaics, 3D point clouds, digital elevation models, and bare earth contour maps can be created and used to enhance on-site ground inspections. To complete the picture, mapping topography below the waterline and estimate the water volume in a tailing facility, NewFields employs an unmanned remote controlled boat. Using a survey grade echo sounder, the boat generates a nearly continuous profile of the surface and sub-bottom detail along transects. Workflow includes industry-standard software for post processing and established QA/QC procedures to assess survey performance and develop accurate surface and water models and maps that can be used for volumetric analyses, dam break analyses and safety inspections. With our integrated unmanned platforms, along with existing data from on-ground monitors, sensors, and historical design information, our experienced engineers can develop a complete dam safety picture and perform an independent review of the entire facility. NewFields applies better – faster – cheaper safer technologies to meet client needs.


Aerial and Aquatic Data Collection