About Miracle Films, Inc.

Since I started flying UAS in 2007, I have never had an incident, collision, or damage, on a project. I have over 200 hours flying multiple types of UAS and over 20 years experience shooting video and stills in full sized helicopters and fixed wing aircraft- both onshore and offshore. I have worked in 43 countries and have 27 years of experience in oil and gas and heavy industry, including Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Dow, BP, and others. I am familiar with the processes involved in working in industrial and construction environments. Miracle Films carries both General Liability Insurance and dedicated Aviation Insurance.

Simple aerial video and still sequences evolved into aerial data collection. From the aerial images, we can now deliver orthorectified maps, 3D models, volumetric analysis, and industrial inspection images. Video footage has advanced from simple 360° orbits to repeatable, multi-waypoint flight plans and live video streaming. With an emphasis on safety, I have flown projects in congested industrial facilities both indoors and outdoors, from the heat of the Middle East, to the winds of the Gulf Coast.

My flying experience allows me to safely fly in tight spaces and in extreme conditions, such as within 5 ft. of active flare stacks. I am comfortable flying in full manual mode without the aid of electronic stability aids, and easily adapt to unexpected events to always keep the aircraft safely under positive control.


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