I started "droning" in late 2020. In mid 2021, I decided to take what I enjoyed doing as a hobby to doing it professionally by taking the Pilot Institute's Part 107 certification course. After passing the course, I took my Part 107 exam and passed it with flying colors. My very first project was doing an outdoor event ran by my church that expected a minimum of 200 people to show up. I completed the photo editing and video editing for a promo video for my church that is still used today. I've also completed small missions by getting footage of homes going up for sale in the local area as well as capturing footage for locally-owned businesses as well. My most recent work was of a large event for speed boat racing in Lake of The Ozarks. The work I enjoy doing the most is aerial shots of nature and events where people are coming together to have a great time.

  Cinematography, Editing, Event

Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
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