About UA Services, LLC

I'm passionate about drones and opened UA Services in 2015. Since then I have been working on promotional videos, taking aerial shoots for real state, worked closely with the Frisco Chamber of Commerce providing drone services and also partnered with construction companies that need quick and efficient aerial orthomosaics of their sites.

On the video/photo side of the business, I partner with professionals that need the extra footage from the air. I use a DJI P4 Pro with a 4K camera and 20mp. The photos are stunning and the results are amazing.

In the constructions sector I produce point clouds, orthomosaics and 3D maps. My surveying methods result on an accuracy of 2-3 inches x, y and z axis when I use Ground Control Points. The orthomosaics can be integrated with Google Earth in order to overlap with current projects. On top of that, we provide a GeoTIFF and DSM image that can be used with Microstation. We work with topographers and project managers on in order to deliver the best possible results.


I45 @ Houston - 1 mile stretch using GCPs

Promo Video for Sports Bar

Short Video of Street Basketball Game

Carwash Promo w/editing