About Cinco Peso Security & Investigations, LLC d/b/a "Texas Aerial Video"

We are based in Texas;however, because of our specific exemption (the only organization we know of with such an exemption) to fly over, around, and within the confines of Critical Infrastructure Facilities, we travel and perform our services all over the US.

Texas Aerial Video (TAV) is a small professional video and photography firm (FAA 333 Exemption# 14004) providing aerial video and photography and post production services to public, private, and governmental organizations operating in a variety of industries.

Typical venues and settings and services include: Real Estate / Realtors / FSBO's, Agriculture / Farms / Ranches, Weddings / Parties / Events, Businesses (commercials / webmercials), Insurance Claims, Asset Verification, Roof Inspections, Power line Inspections, Pipeline Inspections, Port Facility Inspections, Search and Rescue, Damage Assessments, Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability Assessments, and Red Teaming and Security Audits.

Our clients include private citizens, private businesses, local, county, and state agencies, and elements from the 16 different Critical Infrastructure Protection Sectors as defined by Presidential Policy Directive 21 (PPD-21): Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience.

The impetus behind the creation of TAV was assisting a private security and investigations firm with providing aerial photography and videos of training sessions for marketing purposes.  

We were later called upon to provide real-time video to determine if a particular subject of a missing persons investigation was at a particular location that could not be observed from the ground.  Finally, we were asked to assist in providing aerial pictures and video of  an educational institution to be used in contingency plans by law enforcement and first responders in the event of an emergency.

Upon recognizing that a clear void existed in the marketplace for a licensed, insured, and 333 Exempted organization to provide aerial video and photography to public, private, and governmental organizations; especially a firm licensed toprovide security consultation services with specific approval from the FAA, Texas Aerial Video was born.


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