About SkyView Drone Solutions MS, LLC.

We first started flying in November of 2015 with a DJI Phantom 3 Standard and saw major potential in incorporating a drone's unique perspective into all sorts of projects. In May 2017, I took a course at the University of Mississippi/ Ole Miss entitled Drone Journalism as a capstone to my freshman year. This 300-level course introduced me to my amazing professor and mentor Ji Hoon Heo, who helped me learn all the rules to earn my FAA Part 107 Drone license and encouraged me to start a business. After 40+hours of class over 2 weeks, I passed my FAA licensure test and got started from there. In the class, we used our professor's Mavic Pro. I loved its compact size and decided it was the best tool for starting my business. My favorite projects are land surveying and mapping for hunters and farmers, and indoor/outdoor combo real estate videos, and unique projects like my Rowan Oak project. As a new business, I can speak for my experience from hobbyist flight and the commercial work I have done thus far, but would love to grow my reputation to better serve Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Arkansas!


Landscape and Surveying Sample Reel

A Pilgrimage to an Author: Rowan Oak

Gone Fishin'

Real Estate Sample: 2185 Maple Ridge Drive