In addition to holding a FAA Remote Pilot Certificate with a sUAS rating, I also hold a airman certificate for flying manned aircraft. I am owner of Hall Aerial Services, a drone service provider in Naples, FL.. In addition, I have been a drone flight instructor since 2015 for DARTdrones, the nations leader in drone training. I hold FAA airspace authorizations as well as a daylight operations waiver which allows me to fly commercially at night.

The aircraft I fly are modern, enterprise level drones maintained in pristine condition. In order to meet the UAS needs of various sectors and applications, I am equipped with a number of compatible sensors ranging from 4K optical cameras to dual sensor radiometric infrared thermal cameras that allow for high-end, professional data acquisition .

My favorite jobs are those that involve aerial inspection and aerial thermography, as well as emergency/disaster response. I am a ITC certified level 1 thermographer. I also hold a number of FEMA certifications which allow me to work in area where NIMS is a requirement.

I look forward to discussing any drone projects you may be considering.


Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
Droners Approved Pilot