About Rapid Aerial Imaging

Rapid Aerial Imaging is led by Dennis M. Fisher and Rada Carfora. The company is based in Dayton, Ohio. Dennis holds a commercial pilot license with over 3000 hours flown. He is a certified flight instructor, a very accomplished glider pilot and a professional high-performance motorcycle top-fuel drag racing champion. Rada Carfora retains over 15 years experience as a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry, spending most of her time in wheel-end design and development, with a patent or two to her name. Rada is now a licensed real estate agent, as well as an entrepreneur that has a passion of taking technology to new heights. The company was one of the first 500 333 Exemption holders in the USA and enjoys both Part 107 compliant pilots on its team as well as an FAA-issued night waiver. We've completed jobs in more than 12 states coast to coast with our base of operation in the Midwest.

Our team has been flying UAVs since 2014 and are experts across the DJI platform (multiple units of the Inspire 1 Pro ZenMuse X5R, Inspire 2 Pro Zenmuse X5S and X7 including lens kit, and 5 - Phantom 4 Professional models in various locations.)

Our team also retains multi-rotor and expert Fixed Wing experience with the following UAVs: Cinestar 8, SenseFly's eBee Fixed Wing, and own an Event38 E384. Our team upgrades its equipment as the technology evolves.

Our team is very competent, confident and comfortable with its aerial capabilities in GPS / Non-GPS flying modes, indoor flying, and all operations over water and under heavy tree cover or obstructions.

Our talented creative team possesses over 25-years in photography, video and editing expertise, and are experts at website integration. We are also providing UAV services for 3D modeling, thermographic and NDVI imaging for construction, agriculture and industrial applications. We strive toward editing all raw photography and video content within 24-48 hours, providing a draft product for client review prior to assembling a final version. 3D modeling takes longer depending on the size and scope of the project.

Rapid Aerial Imaging specializes in small to medium businesses, commercial and private real estate, special projects, events, and water-sports activities. We will be expanding into thermal imagery in the next several months.

For more information, please visit our website at www.rapiduav.com. Please contact us at (937)602-7179 for additional information.


Commercial Real Estate Example

Cinematography and Event Coverage

Apartment Complexes / Multi-Unit Tenant Expertise

Construction Monitoring, Mapping and 3D Modeling - Lindner Tennis Center

Commerical Mixed Real Estate Example

Turnkey Residential Real Estate Example

Fixed Wing Operations including Thermal Imaging

Large Commercial Real Estate

Residential Real Estate

University Projects - Athletic Facilities

Miami University Goggin Ice Center

Western & Southern Open Tennis Grounds Pass

Complete Turn-Key High-End Residential Real Estate

Vacation Rental Marketing - Myrtle Beach Example