About Sawyer Richburg

I am a FAA certified drone operator. Most people think if they own a drone and can turn the camera on that they can make quality work, not true. It is something learned and practiced. I worked at camera store for half a year and learned the ends and outs of the camera and the best settings for the best situations. I have worked on HBO tv show sets. I watched and learned as the cinematographer and director collaborated. I have also made some of my own work. With practice, I have learned to color-grade (color correction) and edit with flow and smoothness in Adobe Premiere. I also have found my touch in taking stills and editing them in Lightroom. I can produce, let me know a time and place. Thanks
Website: sawyerrichburgdrone.com


Jazz Drone Montage

Drone Reel

New York City Outskirts

Brooklyn Rooftop

Baylor Stadium

Bed and Breakfast Promo