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Pelican View Drone Services provides end-to-end managed Drone Aerial solutions to provide your company, project, assets and/or property with the benefits of unmanned aerial systems without worrying about compliance, liability, or maintenance.

We help customers avoid the capital expense and operating risks of establishing their own drone programs and to purchase drone support in a way which better fits their operations and cost profiles. Pelican View is here for whatever your Drone need is, large or small.

We are committed to understanding the needs of our clients and goals of the project and pride ourselves in being proactive in learning the latest technology and best uses for drones for our clients.

Our Services:

Design and Construction – Keep Your Projects on Time and on Budget

Our drones bring powerful data to project managers, site surveyors, engineers, and design and construction teams. Drones save money, reduce downtime, and improve site safety on industrial properties and construction projects.

Areas Where We Can Help:

Mapping & Photogrammetry
Construction Projects
Progress Photos and Videos
Site Survey Data
Orthomosaic Maps and 3D Point Clouds
Real Estate – Sell Properties Faster for Higher Prices

Showcase your commercial or residential property with a new perspective that causes prospective buyers and tenants to take action.

Business Marketing Visuals – Showcase Your Brand

Differentiate your brand from competitor-offered products and services. Give customers not only the ability to recognize your brand, but also associate it with your particular product or service.

Identify and promote hidden selling points including anchor tenants, location, amenities, and access that a regular ground level shot could never show.

Video Production – Capture & Retain Attention with Eye-catching Videos

Reach a specific market for promotional purposes with professional quality videos. Can be used on websites, social media, online business profiles, and much more.

Luxury Yacht Photography & Video – Showcase Your Vessel

Nothing shows your vessel, location, access, and dock arrangements better than our professional aerial and ground photography and video.

Insurance Claims – Saving Adjusters Time and Money by Assessing Areas with Drones

Creating claims for insurance investigations can be a costly and lengthy process. Especially if the areas that were damaged are in hard to reach places. The added benefit that drones can bring to the table, is there’s no place a drone can’t access.

Drones allow insurance claims adjusters the ability to survey damaged areas in real time, plus save the video as evidence should further issues arise.

Vacation Rentals – Fill Your Booking Calendar

Make your vacation rental stand out from the rest by using eye-catching HDR photography and Aerial photographs and video. Professional photography, videos and 3D virtual tours have been proven to captivate viewers, causing them to stay on your page longer, which leads to more bookings for you.

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  Real Estate

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