Professional FAA Certified Commercial Drone Pilot.
sUAV Video & Photography from movies, TV series, survey maps, Plant Health, Volumetrics, elevation maps and 3D modeling to standard photographs and video up to 4K High Definition ( - ). Available are same day crop and livestock evaluations including plant health, drainage and acreage. If you need detailed daily construction updates including work completed, measuring the cubic volume and square footprint of material to be moved or precise acreage and distance give us a call. For insurance inspection a 3D model can be made to check damage from almost any angle. is your Drone Video and Photography service for any application you may have that falls under FAA flight and safety rules.. Currently with Federal Aviation Administration Registration #FA3EHPPAKN.

My background in Photography was Consolidated Photo which I started in the 1980s. Currently enjoying flying DRONES, I decided to add my photography background into a new venture,

Also an independent jewelry appraiser, appraiser training instructor, jeweler and jewelry consultant at a location the client chooses in front of the customer are my specialties. As a Graduate Gemologist, G.I.A., THE AMERICAN JEWELRY INSTITUTE is my current major consulting contract as an independent appraiser.

Having done appraisals for large corporations like Sterling/JARED and Kroger/Fred Meyer/Littman in 90+ locations from Minnesota to Florida and North Carolina to California. Appraisals and estates appraised for major league sports athletes, officials, a major Hollywood director and actors are some of my notable achievements.

I service in the following states currently:
California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Michigan, Minnesota, Alabama, Louisiana, Alabama and North Carolina....
... or wherever my services are needed.

Ron Tipton G.G., P.G., A.J.P., G.I.A.

  Cinematography, Editing, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Other

  Cinematography, Editing, Event, Other

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  Cinematography, Construction, Editing, Event, Real Estate, Roof Inspection, Other

1   Cinematography, Editing, Event, Real Estate, Other

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