About Skyfly

SkyFly is a UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) business that was founded out of a strong sense of aerial safety, respect for privacy, and a high expectation of training and professionalism. Prior to the FAA release of Part 107 (the regulations that allow for broad commercial use of drones) SkyFly's founder and chief pilot worked heavily in the government sector, creating UAS programs alongside the FAA and flying for a local government agency in Tennessee for more than 2 years. Thus SkyFly is now one of the most experienced commercial operations in Middle Tennessee.
We have two specific branches of services that we provide to our clients. The first is professional drone flights in support of our clients needs. We guarantee that each one of our pilots not only holds all necessary FAA certifications but that they are held to the utmost training standard.
Our second service we provide our clients is detailed UAS consulting. Anyone who has an interest in creating a drone program or business but is unsure as to how to navigate the myriad of FAA requirements, we will gladly lay out a streamlined and efficient process in order to aid that goal.


SkyFly Services