Aerial Whidbey LLC has been in business for over 4 years. Holder of 6-year contract with a government entity to develop and deliver accurate, trustworthy evidence of increasing winter storm and tidewater damage to shoreline properties. There is no substitute for years of field and office experience specializing in obtaining aerial images and video of shoreline properties, followed by extensive 3D modeling experience with Pix4D photogrammetry software. I developed my detailed, thorough, yet easy to follow procedures for field and office tasks to minimize many kinds of risk. For small to medium-sized companies, I am available to develop custom procedures, training materials and live training to launch your in-house projects, or to provide short-term consultant services. I am operating one of the most accurate drone systems that is commercially available for geospatial modeling/mapping/surveying, using products from Klau Geomatics ( This is the only "drone surveying" system to be selected by a branch of the Japanese Government for survey-grade work. As you can see on, I have extensive experience with directly piloting, flight programming, and exploring and applying drone systems to a variety of real-world problems where aerial information is key to success.
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