I started Aerial Whidbey LLC in December 2016, and have many hundreds of hours of flight, video/image editing, and 3D modeling experience. Check out my history of creative real estate, event and other videos on the Aerial Whidbey channel on YouTube.
For the quietest, most unobtrusive and safest field operation I now rely upon two Anafi drones (one as backup while on site), the new insta360 ONE X2 for 360 videos and panoramic shots, and I use a variety of tripod gear for ground shots.

Aerial Whidbey also holds a 15-year shoreline monitoring contract with a government entity to develop and deliver accurate, trustworthy evidence of increasing winter storm and tidewater damage to shoreline properties. The primary current project is being coordinated by the US Army Corps of Engineers in conjunction with several state, county, tribal and local government entities. I have extensive experience with obtaining aerial mapping images, video and snapshots of shoreline properties, followed by development of 3D terrain models with Pix4D photogrammetry and Virtual Surveyor software. I operate the most accurate, customer-proven drone system for geospatial modeling/mapping/surveying, using products from Klau Geomatics (KlauPPK.com). This is the only "drone surveying/mapping" system to be selected by a branch of the Japanese Government for survey-grade work.

I like interesting, challenging and collaborative projects. Your success is my priority.

  Event, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Roof Inspection, Surveying & Mapping

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