About Mike Sobola, Commercial Drone Pilot

In addition to aerial cinematography, I my license covers Construction mapping, Volumetric Measurement, pre-construction forecasting & planning; Wind Turbine, Tower & Infrastructure Inspection; and Agricultural Plant Health. My experience includes Hexacopters, quads, fixed gear and retractable platforms in single-pilot and dual-operator configurations. I have more than 250 hours experience over multiple platforms including the Freely Alta Hexcopter, the Inspire I Pro, the Phantom 4 Prom and the Phantom 3 Pro.

Approved for Night Operations by the FAA.
Experienced with flights in the DC FRZ (Washington, DC Flight Restricted Zone) and securing TSA/FAA Authorizations for FRZ Missions.


Great Cranberry Island, Maine

Water, Water Everywhere

The Mountains of Nelson, Nevada

Charlottesville Estate

Construction Highlights