About Mike Sobola, Commercial Drone Pilot

My license & experience covers Construction Mapping, Volumetric Measurement, Pre-construction Forecasting & Planning; Aerial Cinematography, Wind Turbine, Tower & Infrastructure Inspection; and Agricultural Plant Health. I've flown Hexacopters, quads, fixed gear and retractable platforms in single-pilot and dual-operator configurations. I have logged more than 500 flight hours over multiple platforms including the Phantom 4 RTK, Freely Alta Hexcopter, the Inspire I, the Phantom 4 Pro and the Phantom 3 Pro.

Experienced with flights in the DC FRZ (Washington, DC Flight Restricted Zone) and securing TSA/FAA Authorizations for FRZ Missions. I hold an active area-wide COA for the Dulles Class B Airspace (not available via LAANC). Approved for Night Operations by the FAA.


Mike Sobola Drone Demo Reel

Construction Demo Reel 2