Search and Rescue specialist, with 7,000+ commercial UAS hours, and experience with a great number of platforms and sensors. I would be happy to elaborate if you have questions regarding my skills, abilities, and experience.

I started with Legos and cameras, then moved to adventure sports, and now I've taken to the sky! At this point I feel comfortable building, flying, and repairing most unmanned aircraft. If I can't repair it I can certainly diagnose it, and get it to the proper place for repair.

My winter daily practice routine includes mountain flying in high altitude/extremely difficult mountainous terrain, this forces me to be extremely aware of my surrounding and signal issues as well as refine my piloting skills with every turn.

I am a highly skilled pilot able to fly any craft with minimal training, and consistent results. I understand software and hardware extremely well, and thoroughly enjoy a good challenge! Feel free to ask me whatever you like.




Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
Droners Approved Pilot