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Location Garland, TX
Drones run in the blood from my grandfather, Retired LT COL Red Smith USAF, Drone commander for USAF, and drone engineer. I’ve always had a love for drones due to that fact. I got started with sUAS’s with insurance companies, I’m a licensed property insurance adjuster in TX. So we started using drones for the steep roofs, slate, tile, wood shake, roofs that were easily damaged when walking on them. This is great! I can inspect a roof without the risk of causing damages to the roof from walking on it, eliminate the falling off the roof risk, and speed up the inspection times dramatically! We also use the drones for underwriting inspections. This of course led me into doing small contract jobs for realtors, roofing companies, photography companies construction companies that like progress photos and videos of construction sites, Ect. A little about my background, growing up I became the family IT guy. This forced me to stay on the front of technology since I was the go to guy for when the TV remote or Blue ray player doesn't work... More seriously, I was raised by two awesome parents who raised me right. My father is the one who taught me at a very young age that everything you do in life reflects on you, everything you do has your name on it, so whatever you do, be sure to do it right and damn good! I think my keen attention to the small details is what makes my work product stand out above the rest. With that said, I can produce just about any work product you are after. Let's hear your idea and let’s see what we can do for you!
Member since June 3, 2018
License # 4112143
Insurance coverage $1.0 Million
Services Construction, Event, Real Estate, Roof Inspection
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