About Innovative Aerial Imagery LLC

Innovative Aerial Imagery LLC. provides high quality, affordable, aerial photography and video solutions for residential and commercial real estate, construction progress, and special events. We also provide stabilized video footage and tours that can showcase your event or home. The cinematic feel of our videos can highlight the unique features of your property or event, drawing more interest and potential buyers or participants. We can also produce a 3D map of your farm or other multi-acre property.

Innovative Aerial Imagery carries a $1,000,000 insurance policy. If your project requires more insurance, up to $5,000,000 can be acquired as needed.

Neal Landfield

Neal Landfield is a proud Texas resident who has a passion for drone photography and videography. Neal is an FAA Certified Part 107 remote-pilot. This certification is required for anyone using a drone for a commercial purpose.

Neal is the husband to a beautiful wife and the father to three beautiful girls. Neal is also a police officer at a local municipality. As an officer, his assignments have included Patrol, Accident Investigations, SWAT, and the Aviation Unit.