Between 1993 and 1997, I studied Multimedia Design at a German Design College and graduated with a degree equivalent to a masters degree in the US.

I have been working professionally for more than 20 years as a multimedia designer. For 10 years, I worked for the Austrian Union in the marketing and media department as multimedia designer for print and multimedia. At other times I was a freelancer as a designer for different projects and organizations.

Since my college time I have loved filming and editing the most. I also love flying small airplanes. With drone flying everything comes together: flying in the air, seeing the scenery from a 3D perspective, being creative, making super professional videos for real estate and land properties. I enjoy such challenges!

My drone is a DJI Air 2S.
My camera for ground shootings is a CANON 100 D.
My videocamera is a PANASONIC FullHD HC-V777

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1   Editing, Real Estate

1   Editing, Real Estate

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