About Inflight Creations

Inflight Creations is a Phoenix - Scottsdale based marketing and advertising agency with a focus on market research, business strategy, web development, creative content, social media, branding and public relations. Our nationally known partners include Ford, TED, Rigid Industries, American Pacific Mortgage, Agate Steel Inc. and American Blast Systems.

Our work has been awarded several Emmy nominations, including one Emmy award, and has landed in front of millions across Forbes, UpCity and Mashable. We have also upheld a 5 star rating across our online directories and publications, which conveys the type of team we bring to the table. We aim to exceed all expectations on every project we touch.

If you look past our doors, you will see a rapidly growing agency that is making a difference for its clients and community. We turn heads with our passionate work, focused strategy and the analytics that back it up. Yeah, it may seem like we’ve been in business for awhile now, but guess what? We’re just taking off.

Company Website: https://www.inflightcreations.com/


Inflight Creations Film Reel 2018