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G3B Inflight Robotics Inc. G3B Inflight Robotics Inc.
Flights made 0
Average hourly rate $250
Location Plano, TX
G3B Inflight Robotics, Inc. Premier 107 FAA Certified (Commercial Drone Pilot) License and insured When serving active duty in the US Navy. My unit was in charge of launch drones 1999 -2004. Photography No Hidden Costs. Aerial Images & Video at a Fast Turnaround. G3B Inflight Robotics, Inc. Offers complete drone solutions that blend hardware, software, and services to unlock the power of aerial data and deliver insights for smarter decisions. Built on state-of-the-art technologies, our drone and data solutions adapt to specific imagery needs of heavy industrial users in Geospatial, Agriculture & Forestry, Power & Utilities, Security & Defense, Mines & Quarries, Oil & Gas, Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Construction, Insurance, Telecoms, Railways & Roads and Emergency (SAR).
Member since Jan. 30, 2019
License # 1049882-20190828-00515
Insurance coverage $2.0 Million
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