About Randy Industries, Inc

I have worked in media pretty much my entire adult life. Directed thousands of newscasts at a local CBS affiliate for 13 years, ran the creative department, have owned & operated my own very successful video production house & currently work for an ad agency in West Central Illinois. I'm also a commercial airplane pilot & have over 1100 hours of logged pilot in command time in everything from ultralights & home built aircraft as well as antique & vintage aircraft up through corporate jets. I was one of the primary pilots & videographers during the great Mississippi river flood in 1993 for the TV station. I've also been a road crew member doing lighting, security, staging & pyrotechnics for major touring rock acts like KISS, GNR, Cheap Trick, Def Leppard & quite a few others. So far, 5 members of the rock & roll hall of fame.
I've received dozens of local, regional & national awards over the years for my video production work.


Quincy from the west