I have been flying as a professional drone racing pilot in several different leagues for the past five years. Additionally, I combine the performance of my custom built race drones with the stabilized cameras seen on professional filming drones. The result is the ability to capture videos and photos while traveling at up to 100mph within 1 foot of the subject. Simply put, the footage captured from these drones cannot be reproduced by any other filming system in the world.

My services are best for those looking to film high speed and proximity scenes. Action sports such as car racing, biking, and skiing are perfect applications. Meanwhile, scenes that include extreme proximity can take advantage of my services due to my ability to fly through foot-wide openings and safely fly within 6 inches of an object.

I love to work with clients and adapt to their needs. I incorporate client's visions while always thinking about safety and the end goal. If you are interested in my unique services please contact me and don't hesitate to ask any questions.
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  Cinematography, Event

Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
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