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JFE Aerial Media JFE Aerial Media
Flights made 4
Average hourly rate $150
Location Madera, CA
Will travel up to 180 miles
I have a bachelors degree in agriculture business and about 4 years of experience working on farms/managing.

We provide real estate photos and videography for any real estate company out there. We stand behind our work and try to achieve the best quality of photos or videos that we can get.

Our agriculture division:
Crop Health Imaging Services
This service is designed to analyze, confront, and solve your crop issues. We provide aerial based images that are edited with multiple algorithms to present an NDVI image (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index). NDVI measures the healthy vegetation within the crop through the colors green, yellow, red and black. These images provide a knowledge of where water, pest, growth and weed issues may be present. In orchards, these images can also provide a good look at the canopy size of each tree.

Backed by leading technology in drones through Sensefly and multispectral cameras through Parrot, our new advanced imaging and analysis platform brings us Agribotix. With Agribotix, we are able to provide a Field Report, Field Health Report and a Variable Application Report. The Field Report is going to monitor the relative vegetation density and condition within the field by reflecting the near infrared light in the healthy areas of the field. The Field Health Report is the NDVI image of the field. This image provides green, yellow, red and black coloring throughout the field. Green indicates the most dense and "healthy" sections of the field to yellow, red, and black, where the health starts to decline due to a variety of possible issues within the field as mentioned earlier. The Variable Application Report presents the field in a format of grid cells. It blotches areas together to show good health to bad health. This gives the grower a general sense of where he/she can input an application to increase the health of the crop.

Along with these three specified images, the grower is supplied with a Field-level Weather Report, taken at the time of the flight. This report tells the grower the temperature, precipitation, accumulated precipitation and accumulated growing degree days. Agribotix provides a "hands on" feature where the grower can take their phone or tablet into the field and be shown their exact location through GPS while viewing the image reports. This allows the grower to accurately pinpoint problem areas and decide on the correct mode of action to take. At the same time, the grower can snap images of the problem areas, through the Crop Scouting feature, mark the exact location the image was taken, and comment next to the image on the program. This is a hands on feature that we see beneficial to the grower and his/her workers by means of keeping everyone informed and up to date on crop health.

The images are provided once a month, typically on a monthly basis, or, we can provide one-time services. We provide these services at prices that our competitors cannot compare too. The fee is a flat rate per acre and this includes: traveling to location, flying the drone, capturing the images, uploading and processing the images, and emailing the images to the grower. If the grower wants to set up an account on Agribotix, we can share their field images with them and they will have access to use the Crop Scouting feature. This addition to the service comes at an extra small fee per image or month, depending on the imaging contract.
Member since June 13, 2017
License # 1610105
Insurance coverage $1.0 Million
Services Agriculture, Cinematography, Construction, Editing, Real Estate, Surveying & Mapping
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