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Cardinal drone LLC is focused on precision agriculture. We use our drone for mapping and infrared photography to help those in agriculture better utilize their resources and increase their production. Using this technology will save time and money for our customers. The process is very simple! We will schedule an appointment and ask basic questions regarding property boundaries, trees and other aerial obstacles. On your property, the drone efficiently takes two images at once, a regular image and infrared. Depending on wind conditions, we can fly up to 600 acres in one hour! All of your pictures will be processed and can be accessed online with a unique login. Turnaround can be as fast as two days! We can also give you downloaded pictures and files (.jpeg, .shp, .kmz to name a few) that you can import directly into your AG software. We can also help you with interpretation of your pictures and additional plant testing! We have partners who perform sap analysis, which identifies indicators of nutrient crises before they occur. They then assist with how to manage inputs for your specific fields. Its that simple!

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