I have over 30 years experience in various media industries and adding aerial photos and videos seemed like a natural addition. After only a few years it is clear that the data and information provided by drone images will change the workflow of thousands of industries. My experience growing up in the Midwest as well as various forms of media, make for a perfect transition to several industries. Although I truly enjoy filming and photographing the great outdoors, the obvious choice for me is the agriculture, construction and real estate industries for my bread and butter projects. Over the last 3 years I have gained experience with agricultural site mapping, roof/insurance inspections and construction data mapping. I am familiar with industry leading softwares such as Precision Hawk, Drone Deploy and Dronebase. I also use KittyHawk and AirMap software for flight checklists and flight notifications. Every mission I fly is done with a safety first workflow and strict adherence to FAA rules.

Additional Certifications:
First Aid
OSHA 30 Hour Construction A




Mitch W.
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What a huge success. The photos, videos and the speed of getting this assignment completed have far surpassed my expectations. GREAT JOB!!!! Mitch Whitman, President Primeco Claims Group

Aug. 29, 2019
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