Aspiring drone pilot looking to make a good name in the industry. After flying recreationally for years, I decided to take the next step and started exploring my hobby as a career with Ascending Images LLC. I also work for HouseLens, a real estate media capture company, procuring marketing material for realtors. I've completed many personal projects with landmarks and action shots; as well as working with housing developments and real estate agents to get data for project management or marketing material.

Hope to work with you soon!

Services Offered:
-Real Estate: Exterior Ariel and Ground Images (4K Resolution: Optional Edit)
-Real Estate: Interior Photo (Flambient or HDR )
-Real Estate: Exterior Ariel (4K)& Ground Video (1080P)
-Real Estate: Interior Video (1080p)

-Construction: Material Volumetrics Report
-Construction: Ariel and Ground Progress Reports
-Construction: Ariel Video
-Construction: Topography Maps
-Industrial/Residential: Roof Service Inspection via~ 2D & 3D Maps
8in/px Orthomosaic
2in/px Orthomosaic

  Agriculture, Editing, Ground Collection

  Real Estate

  Real Estate

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S. R.
4.9 (2,857)   13,146 jobs posted


Jan. 25, 2023
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Eric A.
5.0 (10)   21 jobs posted


Had some slight miscommunication about deliverables, but pilot went back out and grabbed what I needed, even after he had been paid. Highly recommend this pilot for his ability and honor.

Nov. 12, 2022
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