About Aerial Soulutions

I have been flying drones for several years now, I always strive to fly safely but still get the best product possible. I can provide light post production editing for video and stills.

In real estate, aerial photography and video presentation of properties has proven statistically to increase viewer retention and actually reduce days on market. Make that property stand out from the competition!

Thermal infrared imaging can provide asset evaluation and inspection, not available to visual light imaging. Medium and large solar assets can be evaluated in a fraction of the time of ground based inspection. Roof integrity and energy efficiency audits of structural exteriors can also be accomplished with minimal risk to personnel, while multiplying efficiency which in turn drive down costs dramatically.

I have an extensive construction background, this provides a solid basis for construction job site familiarity throughout the duration of a project, and an understanding of safety requirements and expectations.
Mapping and progress documentation for construction sites has proven to reduce risk for personnel on the ground, while increasing efficiency of these tasks in time required and cost of labor. I can also offer high accuracy mapping with use of Real Time Kinematic (RTK) Ground Control Points (GCP's). Being able to see the big picture in near real time is now a reality.

My greatest enjoyment is the outdoors, and I really love to capture the spectacular scenery and moments frozen in time. Aerial platforms can capture scenery never available to a grounded imaging.


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