About Top Flight Digital Media LLC.

I have been flying multirotor platforms for about 3 years now. My passion has always been photography and technology, what better way to match those two together? And so, in February 2015 I started Top Flight Digital Media. I have probably well over 800 - 1000 hours flying multirotor. It's a hobby that turned "I really want to do this for a living".

Currently I operate a DJI Inspire 1, one of the best platforms out there on the market today. It utilizes a 4k digital HD camera to bring stunning cinematography. And a high resolution 12 megapixel camera to bring you beautiful aerial photos. Along with using a drone comes the tech punch, software on board allows it to map a specified area, to target land data. Some uses such as crop reports or even construction site development, could prove invaluable when it comes to data collection. The data collection that we receive is accurate down to the centimeter.



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